The Reel Deal Inconel Wire Line

The ReelDeal Inconel® Wire Line

'Til now, there have been four types of line used to catch this and other fish that have sharp teeth or hide in deep structure; 304 stainless, Monel, Lead Core and Mono. There HAD to be a better way.

304 stainless is strong and heavy, and gets down in the water column while trolling for these beauties. When it gets there it allows your bait to look and act naturally. BUT, 304 stainless brings new meaning to the term “line memory”. It has been compared to fishing with a “Slinky”. Not to begin a rhyme, but it is most well known for being "Kinky". Kinks mean line failure. Additionally, when reeled in, 304 stainless wants to remain straight. It hates to be wrapped around the small spool on your reel. Once hooked, getting the fish into the boat shouldn’t be so difficult.

Monel was developed in an attempt to solve some of 304 staginess' problems. Not a bad idea, but is VERY expensive and has NO advantages over the ReelDeal.

Lead Core solved the problems of kinking (well, almost) and line memory. The small core of lead is soft and weak. It is covered with braided line to add strength and add thickness. It’s problems are that it is far weaker than 304 stainless and does not get as deep in the water column. It too is expensive.

Mono makes great shock cord and leader, but the weight needed to get mono deep into the water column just isn't practical. If you do weight it down, your baits do not function as designed.

The better way is The ReelDeal Inconel® Wire Line.

When fishing the depths similar to Block Island Sound, all of the above may provide you with fish, but with all the problems, the owner of WireLand knew there had to be a better way. His business is making specialty wire. His research and development is what we market today.

The Reel Deal is made of Inconel®. Inconel is strong; stronger than the other alternatives. It has a higher density than 304 stainless or Monel so it gets deeper into the water column and does it quicker. Inconel is “flat dead temper” which means it has little to no line memory and in turn lies easily on the reel. Additionally, this softness makes it easier to retrieve. The .020 line retrieves like medium weight mono. The .025 retrieves like heavier mono. May not sound like a big deal, but it is. When used properly the ReelDeal Inconel® Wire Line doesn’t kink. Lastly it is resistant to corrosion. It is impervious to the electrolysis process that takes place where the line is knotted to mono or braided line. That corrosion resistance stops the line from getting harder and prevents line failure.

Stronger, denser, goes deeper, easier to handle and corrosion free.

Less line failure, more fish.

The ReelDeal!!!!

Retail Pricing
SizeContainerPrice EachSelect
60 LB Test (0.025)5 LB (2795 feet) Spool$192.50
60 LB Test (0.025)100 Yard Spool$17.50
50 LB Test (0.020)5 LB (4365 feet) Spool$207.50
50 LB Test (0.020)100 Yard Spool$19.50
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